About us


Our mission is to create memorable experiences for single parent families. 



Our vision is to provide single parent families with an opportunity to attend events, explore their world, and create otherwise unattainable experiences that imprint in their family memories and strengthen a bond that will last a lifetime.  

These experiences contribute to the overall mental well-being of both the child(ren) and parent by providing a positive and uplifting experience. 

We need our children to be confident, curious, adventurous and happy as they grow to be positive contributors in our society. By providing these experiences, we can encourage these qualities and relieve some burden on single parent families with very minimal resources. 

Core Values

Our goal is to create a culture of Collaboration,  Joy and Connectivity.


We collaborate with our communities to provide single parent families with unforgettable experiences. 


By providing memorable experiences for single parent families, we can create unspeakable joy for families. 


We connect people within our communities. to create a strong support system for single parent families.